Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr. Detroit City Council District 2

Cast Your Vote to Re-Elect

George Cushingberry Jr.

On or Before Tuesday,  Nov. 7th, 2017

Your Write-In Vote for George Cushingberry Jr. will do the job that Judge Lawrence Talon failed to do for a gun crime, domestic violence and, ending the plot by certain people to stack the Detroit City Council with a 9-0 anti-marijuana majority.  Both Candidates listed on the ballot in District 2 are being supported by corporate interests who want to limit competition with the current Marijuana ordinance and want you to vote NO.  Do the right thing, Vote YES on both Ordinances for regulating the industry and, Write In George Cushingberry Jr.  the man for you in District 2.

Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. is strongly encouraging you to cast your vote NOW at the following locations:

1.Wayne County CC East 5901 Conner Detroit MI 48213  - Free Parking - (map)
2.Wayne County CC West 8200 W. Outer Drive Detroit 48219 - Free Parking (map)
3.Detroit Department of Elections 2978 W. Grand Blvd Detroit MI 48202 (map)
4.City Clerk's Office 2 Woodward Ave Detroit MI 48226  - Qline Access  (map)

Hours are From 9am to 4:00pm at Satellite Locations Starting October 15th

Hours at the Detroit Dept of Elections Office are 8am to 5pm

Valid Reasons to Vote Early,

If you were born in 1957

If you were born before 1957

If you will be working the polls on Election Day and cannot be at your precinct

If you will not be in Detroit on November 7th, 2017 because of school, job, or, other reasons

If you are out and about in the neighborhood and want to take people to the polls on election day.

City Of Detroit City Clerk Information


Voting is a sacred right that shall not be diminished or disrespected.