Support George Cushingberry Jr’s work to 

Get Detroit Straight Again* 

with the following:


  • Literacy - "To Get What You Need, You Must Learn How To Read'
  • Improving communications through understanding Social Dynamics.
  • Education  and Academics for Jobs and Economc Growth

Tasks At Hand.

  1. Removing State of Michigan Emergency Management from the City and Detroit Public Schools
  2. Reasonable Parking Fines with a grace period of 10 days for 10 dollars before Inflation.
  3. Restoring cuts to Retirees pensions and other damages
  4. Keeping Johnson Center Property Public Property
  5. Re-Development of State Fairgrounds property and surrounding neighborhoods.
  6. Balancing the City Budget serving as Chairperson of the Budget, Audit, and Finance Committee.​

*to the days when Mayor Coleman S. Young had a Balanced Budget and Created Jobs with Infrastructure for the people.

Campaign Contributions by check or money order to:
The Committee to Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

Cash and Church corporate contributions to
Northwest Detroit Leadership Committee.

16211 LaSalle

Detroit, MI 48221

Benjamin Drummer - Treasurer

Shreree McLaughlin - Admin

Corporate Campaign Donations  ranges are $250 to $1000

Caregivers and Faith Based Organizations can donate amount to reserve space and time at any prayer breakfasts.
Text communication# text info use 3133847420​

Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr. Detroit City Council District 2

"Don't be confused by watching Fox News".

​Please be reminded that Mr. Cushingberry has more credibility as a suspended lawyer than some journalists on Fox 2 and, Michigan Chronicle combined.

(Exposing a Carnival Barker - Rebuttal of Fox "News")

Mr. Cushingberry has processed over 1000 cases as a lawyer and participated in numerous projects that needed an insightful mind.

It is time for news organizations to be more accountable researching public policy issues like why is there better concrete in a new prison than roads in Michigan, and pension financing reform.  

We also realize that people need jobs and we are glad that Mr. Elrick has a job. There will be no one without a job who wants want's one. The participation in our Community Job and Help Fairs are a statement to the love that we have for our citizens. 

Mr. Cushingberry is continuing to work for you in District 2 as a true jobs, justice, peace, and equal opportunity Democrat. I would like your support to continue this mission for the betterment of you.

The Committee to Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr to Detroit City Council.


Working for you in District 2

Cushingberry reprimands HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on President Trump's budget cuts at Hartford Village Senior Housing Complex  March 17th, 2017  Video Link.

Working for you in District 2 

Community Concerns and information

  • Crime

  • Blight Removal

  • Lights

  • City Services

  • Restoring Retirees lost health care benefits

    • VEBA participation 

    • COLA adjustment

    • Respect

  • Property Tax Reform

  • Public Service Jobs and Careers with the City of Detroit

    • Police

    • Fire

  • ​Water

  • Mental Health reform

  • ​Neighborhood revitalization