Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr. Detroit City Council District 2

Nov 7th, 2017

Metro/Detroit AFL/CIO

Fannie Lou Hammer PAC

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Teamsters Joint Council 43​​

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A Few Reasons to Vote For George Cushingberry Jr.

More times than not you hear the question, what has George Cushingberry Jr.  done for the people in District 2? This is a partial list of accomplishments to answer the question.


  • Installed automated payment machines in city parking garages that generated 1 million dollars in revenue in the 1st 30 days of implementation while streamlining Parking Department operations.
  • Being a staunch advocate for restoring commercial air service at Detroit City Airport by seeking funds
  • Providing support and guidance to neighborhood community groups for the purpose of reopening Johnson Recreation Center
  • Upgrading aging technology being used by Detroit Firefighters and, the Installation of new doors on Engine 44/Ladder 18 on John R and 7 Mile.
  • Implementing sensible laws regarding Medical Marijuana so that revenue will benefit the community by opening recreation centers for example.
  • Upgraded the lights on the Avenue of Fashion and the neighborhoods..
  • Generated the collection of up to $1 million dollars in revenue  by integrating City of Detroit Income Tax software with the State Department of Treasury computers. This change allows us to capture taxes from people who live outside the city and, did not file a local tax return for working in Detroit.
  • Advocate of increased public transportation service from DDOT by reinvesting into personnel, adding 24 hour bus service, and increased selection of routes to places like Eastern Market for example
  • Removing State of Michigan Control of City Finances with consistent balanced budgets
  • Blight removal with oversight! Cushingberry believes in full transparency in demolitions and all other city business
  • 1000% supporter of Education, K-12 Teachers, Children, and the arts!